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Hobnose And Boomer

Two Dogs on a roll

Boomer The Dog's journal
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I'm a Dog from Pittsburgh PA, a Pyrenean Shepherd. I'm a fan of the Here's Boomer TV show, and I have a paper Dog costume that's intended to look like my breed. I like underground, pirate radio and tons of different kinds of music from old to new.

I love to go on adventures and learn new things. The world didn't choose me to be a 9-5 worker or something similar, so I do things like underground radio shows and trying to have my name changed to Boomer The Dog legally. If you bark at me I'll bark back and wave to you with my paw. I wear a collar with a bone-shaped tag that has my name on it.

Boomer is a Berger des Pyrenees from Pittsburgh.

Hobnose is my friend, a Border Collie from Indiana.