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We've had a setback in the name change deal here. It's been a little ruff this week, as Variable lost two Youtube channels, one that got flagged over and over by trolls and went down for that reason, and the other community channel which was deleted by a member by mistake. Lessons: Back up your stuff, several thousand videos may be lost, and don't trust Google/Youtube if you need genuine free speech. Of course we know that..

Another thing, Variable got his paperwork back from the Alaska Court System, and they said no to his last name change, even though they said they would approve it in the court room. That will have to be worked out, maybe by going back to Alaska to untangle the mess, or letting it drop for now and proceeding to with court here. It's something we have to bark about.

Yesterday Variable went in to town for videos and hit up Occupy and got an Occupy t-shirt that a lady was making. While that was being done, the growly anti-fans of ours were hanging around, but they couldn't really say much.

While he was doing that, I raked leaves and cleaned a bit while listening to Three Dog Night. Tomorrow morning the camera will be here for a demo video of Boomer The Dog. Gonna feature a few tunes from Mom's Apple Pie this week on Doggy Radio.

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Holdiays Thnaksgiving

Hi muttz, Wednesday was cool, with lots of interview videos in town, for Variable's blog. We woof to people on the street about name freedom and let them know about my case and ask whether anyone should be able to get their name or not, and how I'm planning on petitioning the court about it again.

We saw Wood Street Galleries there and stepped in to see what it was. Since it was cold that day we had been stopping in different stores and stuff a few times for a minute or so to get warm. They had two floors, with two exhibits on each. One was a mirror illusion, and the other an old typewriter with bugs on it that ate the letters you typed. Remember, art. On the second floor was a rotating drum with words on it that you had to try to read, and the other room had a vacuum chamber where you can be sandwiched between two sheets of plastic. We saw someone use it while we where there, but we didn't try it.

Thanksgiving would have been a nice day out, but we did some shopping in the morning, going to Shop And Save for ground turkey, milk, and vegetables. It seemed like the store was only open until 2 pm that day. We tried to go to Wendy's but it was closed, and got something small at McDonald's instead.

We were thinking of going to town in the afternoon, but weren't sure and just started to watch Dexter and then Ron dropped by with some Thanksgiving food from his family that was really nice. He also invited us to his place the next day to help with his home studio installation and to watch some movies and videos.

On Friday we went to town, but there weren't that many people there, and even Occupy was really quiet. Dimitri was at Brueggers though, so we woofed hi. We walked around for a while since it was sunny and getting warmer, forecasts expecting it to be 60 degrees.

In the afternoon we went to Ron's place, and did some work woof on his radio setup, putting in wires and getting the mixer board hooked up to the PC. We met his new cats Lisa and Bart, very playful half grown kittens, and barked about everything else. We watched a little TV and had shish kabobs. It was fun, thanks Ron!

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Taking the Subway

We just took it from the Wood Street station to Steel City Plaza, where Occupy is located. Occupy has some hard core people living in those tents outside when it's this cold.

We had static with some at Occupy who don't like our name change ideas, but there are also those who like what we're doing, so it seems like things are changing slowly and we have more supporters.

Back on Sunday we had trouble at a teach-in at the United Steelworkers building, where we got tossed out, and we weren't even doing anything wrong, except to have angered someone earlier at the camp. This woman came in and and interrupted the meeting, saying 'those two have to leave!'

My guess is that the room at the building was rented, so they had more control than at the camp where it's a public place, open sidewalks etc. What I found hilarious is the topic that was interrupted was how to deal with the police and the authority that they have.. :)

Otherwise, we met Fluffy, and Sunny Partly Cloudy and Dimitri, plus many more cool '99 percent' people, and their Dogs, one named Hitch Hiker. Variable does tons of street interviews on camera, and I woof my story as the local angle for name change rights, and kind of the fun side to what is a pretty heavy story of absolute name freedom, then Variable talks about his.

We hope that Occupy could join with us to get the word out about name freedom, and even if not, at least the whole camp knows what we're about, we heard.. :)

We also worked on the name change case, going to the State Police again and finding that they need some original paperwork before finger prints can be done, so we're waiting for that to arrive from Alaska. Things are different in Pennsylvania than in other states, tougher, more involved, but then they are different in every state.

I'm also hoping to do some TV soon, on a show that seems to be a good fit for me and what I am as a Dog, so wish me luck.

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Hi! Long time.

Variable is here! He's a name change activist who I met on Youtube last year when I tried to get my name changed to Boomer The Dog and it was publicized. He contacted me and we have barked on and off since then. I lost my case and an appeal, and Variable has always wanted to help me in some way if he could.

He has been moral support along the way, and finally got the chance to help me in a more direct way, by coming here and helping with my name change!

I picked him up at the Greyhound station on Wednesday, it would have been Tuesday, but there was a mix up in the scheduling and he spent the night at the Sheraton down town.

I cleaned Hobnose's room out for him, and it's a good room, decent living space, with some furniture and a computer desk, and a futon. Variable didn't bring his laptop, so we set up a small desktop computer for him to use.

On Thursday we went in to town early in the morning to go to Occupy Pittsburgh, to visit and try for interviews. I noticed that Occupy was just down the block from the court that handles name changes, and Variable thought we could see if the protesters might want to support the name change and maybe march with us to court.

On the first morning we were so early that the camp was still kind of quiet and we didn't get to woof to too many there about what they think of name changes and how they speak to freedom. They didn't really know what to think of us then, but on Friday we went again, and they were more chill, and got to know us more and were willing to chat. Interesting camp of tents in the mud, and it was really cool how hard core they were, Variable said.

There was some talk about our message diluting the message of the '99%' at Occupy, but we're really thinking that freedom causes could come together. We went to the army-navy store on Friday and Variable got some gloves and boots there for the colder weather.

In the afternoon we went to Walm for a blanket and food, and I wanted to look at a Flip camera. They had a Sony Bloggie that looked cool, but I was more just looking around.

At home we worked on the name change case, and tried to get fingerprints on Thursday at the State Police barracks, but it wasn't the right day of the week.. ;) We have to go back on Monday. Otherwise we have been barking about our ideas on life and how we carry on with our 'causes' for lack of a better word.

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Dog Night, everything is all right

I took myself for a walk around the block tonight, good to get out after it was raining in the day, and it cleared up after 6 pm. I start on a walk and I don't know how long it's going to last, it could be one block and come back if I think of something I need to do back at home, or it could be over an hour if I'm feeling footloose and fancy free.

I went a couple of blocks down my street and met a guy with his Dog Lolita, a 10 month girl yellow Labrador type mix puppy. She was so friendly and wiggly, and wanted to be petted. The guy said she demands to be petted and gets mad if you don't.. :)

Over the hill and another block further down, there was a mom, dad and their young kid dad was carrying. Mom said, "How are you doing Bowser?" I barked hi, and it's Boomer. At least she got me with a Doggie name, so it was all good.. :) They were across the street, so we didn't get to bark more.

They know it's Boomer now, and it reminds me of a girl at school who wrote me a note to me and spelled it 'Bumer', something I've laughed about since then.. :) Heather was nice, she would draw little Dogs for me and stuff. One of the things I've always liked about the name Boomer is that it's simple and easy to remember.

I'm glad that I didn't turn out to be a less known or understood animal like a Capybara which is a big rodent. I could imagine how much harder it would be to make friends. At least being a Dog, people have something to connect with, and it's an introduction.

I thought about turning around at the end of the street, but I was feeling great about meeting LOLita and that family, so I went to go around the whole big block, thinking that I'd meet more Dogs and their people.

So I did, down by Shop And Save, owner with a Dog named Sable, who the owner said was a mix of Lab, Rottweiler and German Shepherd. She was also shedding.. :) Dog and owner were both nice, and they crossed Noblestown Road to see us even, just from a wave and barking hi.

Coming up past WDVE, I met another two Dogs and owners, two black shelter Dogs, Baylee and Rocket, female and male, Lab style. Rocket was the younger pup and he is fast on his feet, and that's why he has that name. Baylee is the older Dog and she wanted to sit and be scratched on the back. They both were interested in my Squeaky, in fact all of the Dogs I met tonight were.

It was great, 4 new Dogs in one night, a four Dog night, I don't remember the last time that's happened!

That was a break from thinking about my case, a walk with extra. Actually it helped to think about why I want to be me in name, not just on the process of trying to get it.

The word finally got back on my appeal on the name change in June, it was denied. Since then I've been working on what to do next. I'm in the dark about exactly what the problem is, to me it seems like they don't want me to have the unusual name in Allegheny County. I feel left out because my buddies in other places are getting their names fair and square, it's about free speech and identity.

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Allegations and Allocations

Last Saturday I went a church flea market down the street in my Dog costume, just a local greeting, because since when do Dogs need to buy that many things? I barked hi to everyone, and a baby in a stroller, when the baby's mom said 'Look at the Doggie'.

The most fun thing happened when a girl didn't want the plush alligator toy her mom gave her, and wanted me to have it. She put it in my paws, and I put it down on a table, so she gave it to me again, and again, so I whimpered, and I ended up taking it, so now I have a 2 foot long green gator to carry around, she allocated her alligator to me.. :)

I just thought of something, maybe she saw me carrying Squeaky around, and thought I didn't look right without a toy. I have thought about making a paper Squeaky before, it would have to be big so I wouldn't lose it in all of the fur I have.

I have a big shield bug problem at my house. If you live in PA, you probably know what I'm woofing about, stink bugs, and they come into homes by the hundreds, and fly around lights and fall in your soup.

I've been using a bug zapper in the attic, plus a dust buster and scraping them off of the window sill into a cup, but they keep coming. If I don't have a light, like in the zapper on, they will start to come downstairs in the evening. This is hundreds of bugs a day, and the zapper should take care of them, but they just sit on it mostly, and never get zapped.

My idea is to make a tesla coil powered zapper with electrodes on the outside of a 3 liter bottle and a light inside, so that they can't land anywhere on the surface without feeling the heat. I have a big glass Polar water jug that I could use too, he he he.. :)

WAMO came back. That's a classic FM station that used to be in town that fell behind and sold out a few years ago. It was my favorite station when I was a younger pup. I guess they still had enough listeners that a smaller station could pick up the format and make a run with it. The new station is just a typical jamz station, a sham of its former self, 99 watts low power, with a companion AM 660.

No word from the court on my name change yet. I thought that it would come within days, but I'm learning.

Boomer Phone

The appeal is over


In this video I bark about my appeal just after I left the court house yesterday, and I could hear back from the court at any time now. Johnny Mac took the video:

I went at 9 am, and the appeals court is large and stately, and I was in front of three judges. The purpose was to give reasons why the lower court was wrong for denying my name change.

I was looking like my Doggie self, and saw a sign in the court that you must wear appropriate clothing in the courtroom, and everyone else was in a suit and tie. When I went to testify, I barked that I saw the sign and that I was dressed the way I was, and the judges said they wouldn't have expected any different from me, which was actually pretty cool and and a good ice breaker.

I already had submitted my argument, but I was here to back it up with some words and for them to see what I'm about. They seemed to be sympathetic to my case, but the 'The' in my name seemed to be bothersome, and they asked if it would be okay if I was just Boomer Dog, without The in it. It almost seemed like I could have gotten Boomer Dog clean and clear!

I didn't know what to bark, because I just don't know enough about what the possibilities are, if they can change things when I've already petitioned for something else.. Plus Boomer The Dog is me, and there's meaning behind BTD, and I'd like that as a unique name for performance

I could hear back what the decision is even this week, but I don't really know how I think it could go, altogether I think I made headway, nothing was brought up about confusing emergency services this time, but then it seemed to hit a snag with 'The' as my middle name being confusing to creditors. It could be that they were just testing to see if I would compromise, or maybe I'm sunk and I have to petition again, or find a different name change method.

It's an adventure, and I'll let you guys know what happens.

Boomer Phone

New Collie

Today I met an extra friendly new Blue Merle Collie down the street! His name is Buddy and he lives about a block down. I was walking myself to my friend Bruce's house, and he saw me and just ran right over, brushing against me with tail wagging, while his owner was trying to call him back.

Buddy never met me before or anything, he was just right there, and his owner had to come up and get him, so we were chatting. I sat down on the ground and Buddy sat right on my lap, it was funny and great, a big oversize Dog!

The family also has a tri-color Collie too, and he's named Cody, but he stayed in the yard.

I also recorded with Johnny Mac today, he did a few videos at my place, singing an Irish song and Oh Susanna for Youtube, and playing some flute. He'd like to start a series of videos on camping too.

I'm writing and making contacts for my March 30th appeal in court for the name change. It's an ongoing process, and fun too!

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New Boomer poster

There's a new poster on! It's not photographic like posters for most TV shows are, it's a painting. I can't make out what the artist's name is, but I do appreciate their skill at drawing Boomer pictures. The strip at the bottom with all of the small Boomers is nice, and I copied just that part as a site graphic at the bottom of the home page.

You can see the full size poster here:

Happy St. Patrick's Day. I have a neighbor Dog down the street who the owners got on this holiday some years ago, and they named her Patty.

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Things have been about Old English Sheepdogs

They have, Ric Sheepy came over for a visit on the weekend, and we did the usual Dog things, yeah, like we watched the first Wilfred episode, a series with a talking Dog character from Australia.

A girl brings home a guy, but he spends way more time with the Dog, Wilfred, and they hang out all night watching TV, eating nachos and smoking dope. The Dog is way more street smart and cool than the boyfriend, and there's some mystery about the pooch and his 'holes of frustration'. All of this communication seems to happen between boy and Dog, and no one else really knows about it.

The first trip was to the North Hills, shopping center and lunch at Subway, then some drawing at the Borders at Northway mall, and walked around the whole sprawling place again, finding a working elevator to a kind of secret second floor place that was just offices. It's actually a big shopping center, with pictures of its past store openings on the wall.

The next day we went to Parkway Center Mall and walked around the dark corridors, woofing about what was there when Ric and me first started to go there, one of the first places we went to every time. We ended up at K-Mart for lunch at the Cafe.

Going in, a worker who was doing sign-ups for K-Mart cards said she saw the snow Dog I'd made when she passed by, and she liked it, and was telling me about her Dog Missy, an Old English Sheepdog who had recently died. I didn't know her name, but I often passed by their house, and she was the only Bobtail in the area. I'd seen the neighbor walking by my place, but didn't know where she lived or that Missy was her Dog.

I had barked about Missy to Hobnose, and took Hob down there and we got a few pictures and videos, and here's one of Missy when she was clipped, she had a fuller coat at other times. You can click to see a larger Dog.

After lunch we wanted to go to Pat Catan's for art supplies, and I got a paint set, and 12, 2 inch plastic Dogs, something I buy when I see them, because they are kind of rare. You could also get 'Toobs', like a 'Safari Toob' full of animals, and Ric liked that name.

That was the McKee's Rocks store, and we used the trip to check out the neighborhood too, old Foodland grocery with expensive compact fluorescent light bulbs, car dealer, season closed Tastee Freeze, and Family Dollar that we stopped at.

I almost met a Pit Bull pooch who was walking down the street, but he was on a sniffing mission and didn't stop. The funniest thing on the whole walk was a vacuum sweeper laying face down in the bus shelter there, Ric and me both got a kick out of, like why was it there? The shelter itself was one of the older ones too, like from the early 80s, and I don't see those in too many places.

We went to draw at Starbucks in Greentree by my place, and then to the Hop House for pizza feast, where they had new pies. That's some of the fun that we had, I didn't bark about watching Benny hill and Three Stooges either.. :)

Ric gave me a drawing in an acrylic holder that stands up, and a cartoon daily Dog calendar.

Yesterday I went to the bank, and the guard there showed me a picture on his phone, it was my snow Dog Rip! Cool that he thought to take a picture, but I know that lots of people did, I'd see them when I looked out. I barked that it's just a little tiny stump of snow now, and how I entered it in the local snowman contest.

Here's a video of Rip the snow Dog:

I barked to be watching, because the appeal on my name change is coming up at the end of this month. Anyone who wants to know more about that can contact me through the info on my site,, at the bottom of the page.