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Google socks

Did it ever bother you if you post to forums and someone comes by with a question, and others don't want to answer and just say 'google it' or 'google is your friend'? I just saw it, and I'm going to complain because Google isn't your friend, it's a large corporation that's bent on taking over the internet.

Some might love Google and think, oh, that's okay, more of the good stuff, the apps and the maps that we love, more features on Youtube or with G+ and Hangouts.

Since the comment I read was on a torrent site, let's single out Youtube as an example of another site that sometimes posts videos with questionable rights attached to them, like when someone posts their favorite TV show for their friends to see.

Youtube is such a vast site, and it has a pretty reckless 'takedown' policy, where almost anyone can file a claim and get any video taken down, whether the claim is legit or not. No one really checks, and no one answers when you write to Youtube, it's all automatic.

Now imagine if Google has a stake in much more of the internet than just Youtube, which they do, such as the largest advertising networks, website user tracking services, e-mail service G-mail, and their apps like Chrome and social services. What if they provide your company's website services, server space, and even your connection to the net?

I think that once they get so much, if we choose to accept it, the same clumsy handling of rights issues, takedowns, and strikes against your accounts and services will happen as happens today on Youtube, and what if it's your own company or net access that gets strikes against it, and they want to delete your stuff? They'll have you by the nodes, just think about it.

A better way is to use a diversity of services, that way no one is in full control of everything.

I went to LA on a dare and I went it alone, for some filming over the weekend. If it actually gets scheduled, I'll write a post and let you know through the usual channels. It was cool to get out there again, I hadn't been to California since I was 14, and disco was still king, and near its end.

I was staying in Culver City, right near the LA Clippers stadium and got to walk outside in a short sleeve shirt in 60 degree weather. Here in Pittsburgh it was in the 20s when I got back, and actually I do like cooler weather, as a long furred Dog.. :)

Tags: conglomerate, conspiracy, corporate, filming, google, la, movie, rights, tv

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