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Fursonas documentary pushing toward feature film

Film students at Point Park College here in Pittsburgh have been working to document the Furry scene, leaning toward the fursuiting end of it, trying to find out what Furries are about behind the masks. Domenic and crew have had the short edit of their film out for a while now, and they are working with the Sprout Fund to take it to the next level and get the full film completed.

"Every summer, Pittsburgh hosts the largest furry convention in the world, known as Anthrocon. Locals are familiar with the display of hundreds of furries in the street, but seldom do they look past their preconceived notions about the fandom. Other documentaries about furries focus on providing an easy answer for the phenomenon. But, Fursonas is more interested in taking a humanistic approach, allowing the subjects to speak for themselves, and the audience to decide for themselves."

I have to agree, that's a refreshing direction, after seeing 'Furries: An Inside Look' documentary recently. It was okay, but just talked to acknowledged Furry leadership, who admittedly do know a lot about the fandom's history, but I thought it told a story along party lines, and didn't capture the excitement of this fuzzy social world we have. Granted, 'Furries: An Inside Look' was recorded at Midwest Furfest, apparently under strict media control, so I guess they did the best with what they were given.

Fursonas gets away from the conventions and talks to real Furries one on one in our homes and communities, and that personal approach is really what makes it stand out from the others. Take a look at the pitch film here on their site and see if it's worthy of your vote.


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