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Hobnose And Boomer [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Mmmmutts [May. 10th, 2012|08:48 pm]
Boomer The Dog's journal
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[Current Music |I Want To Be Your Puppy Dog (in my head)]

I went for my walk tonight and in just a few blocks around the neighborhood I met 3 mutts. First was Peppini, a Labradoodle with a fuzzy face and a smoother body, and cream colored with long furry ears, really cute, big Dog. He was a visiting Dog and the pooch who lives there is Macy, a chocolate Lab. Peppini has a big bark.

Farther along I met Buddy, he looks like Jack Russell Terrier, but a taller mix. His owner said 'Buddy meet Boomer, Boomer meet Buddy' as they were out for a walk. I barked that Buddy looks a little like Tramp from Lady And The Tramp, with his folded forward ears.

All together a nice walk, kind of windy and fur-blowing, but nice.