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Variable name petition filed

My video shoot was on Monday, where a local videographer came over, and I got to answer questions about what makes me a Dog, and the things I do as one. I got to do Doggy Radio for a few minutes and bark about it, and then got in my Dog costume to catch a ball and go walking outside to wave at cars. It was about 2 and a half hours, and lots of fun!

Variable used that time to go into town for some interviews and hang around Occupy, but came home near the end when I was in suit outside, so he finally got to see me all dressed up.

On Wednesday we went to court and filed the petition for Variable's name change here. That's the first part of the process, where it's filed at the prothonotary's office.

There the finger prints get checked and papers surrounding the petition get processed and sent to different departments in the court. They should send a letter with a court date in a few weeks, and then we'll have to get the papers from the prothonotary's office and take them to the motions court to actually be filed.

That's actually a matter of getting them and walking upstairs to Motion's Court, in the same building. These are the early steps in the process yet, woof! On the way to getting Variable to become partly a Dog.. :)

Other than that, Variable's been making videos and having it out with the trolls on line, and we went to Walm and got winter things like heaters and an electric comforter for my chilly house.. :)

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