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Snow Dog 2011

I have a tradition, and it's pointed at my head. I try to make at least one snow Dog every year. My first was an Old English Sheepdog, like my Sheepdog buddy Mr. Sheepdog who was a friend of mine in high school. Later I made snow versions of my American Eskimo Yoder, who was a perfect model because he was all white.

All winter there really hasn't been any good snow conditions for building my Dog, but early this week there was a heavy snow, with sun and temperatures in the 30s, and it was perfect for rolling out snow and packing it, so I had to do what I do best, and here are a couple of pictures, and you can click on them to see bigger ones.

This time I made a puppy standing up, not based on any Dog I know really, maybe when Bolt was a puppy is the closest.

They are always fun to make, and as I was building it I got thumbs up and right on, and horns honking from a few cars, especially as it started to get completed. The neighbor across the street was coming home with his kids and they saw it, and the kids were talking about it, but it was time for bed, so their dad came over and took a few pictures for them.

I've already submitted my 2011 Doggie to the local snowman contest, as I have before. I don't need the gift certificate, but it would be nice to win and put the sculpture in the spotlight. In fact, I have a spot light shining on the Dog because it's dark.. :)

Otherwise I'm still jamming on the radio, barking with a lot of radio folks as well as waiting on the courts about my name change still.

I have a tip for anyone who has the on board sound go out in their computer, or they need an extra sound output for something, like if you're a DJ. If you need just a simple sound output to go to your speakers, maybe it's an old computer and you don't want to spring for a plug in sound card, get a USB sound device.

They only cost a few dollars on the net, plus a few more for shipping. The one I got worked straight away when I plugged it in, installed in 10 seconds with a speaker appearing in the tray.

Another tip I have with this is, if your speaker or mic cables are heavy, or you need room for other USB things by the jacks, you might want to use a USB extension cord and plug the sound card in it to prevent tugging on the computer's jack. It's really a good idea, and I'm going to do it with my system.

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